uka Brightness control cream for Hand



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uka Bcc Hand Cream

uka Brightness control cream for Hand

From now on, skin care is also part of makeup! Cover dullness of the skin with reflected light. A new type of hand cream that moisturizes the skin while protecting it from the sun damage.

uka Bcc Hand Cream is also effective to protect your legs from sunburn! The beautiful pearls camouflage bruises and blemishes you got insidiously with beautiful shine.

Product features

    ① Carefully chosen ingredients.

    This easy-to-spread hand cream is paraben-free and contains no UV absorbers. 82% naturally-derived ingredients.

    ② Moisturizes.

    High quality plant-derived ingredients and amino acids assist in making skin smooth and moisturized.

    ③ Covers up stains and wrinkles.

    The fine golden pearls reflect light. Blemishes and dullness will be camouflaged by an elegant, even glow.

    ④ The scent has also been carefully blended.

    The pleasant freshness of mint, sensuality of sandalwood and roses have been blended for a distinctly feminine fragrance.

    ⑤ SPF32 PA+++

    uka Bcc Hand Cream prevents skin damage by blocking UV rays. Furthermore, the cream is resistant to perspiration and waterproof, helping prevent blemishes and freckles from sunburns and protecting your skin from both UV A and UV B rays.

How to use

    ① Apply an adequate amount on your hands and spread evenly to prevent clumping.

    ② Reapply to areas where dryness or exposure to UV rays is a concern.

    *Note: The cream can be washed off with soap.