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uka nail oil
5-bottle set

Economical 5-bottle set of uka nail oil

Product features

    Our raw ingredients use organic materials. We use absolutely no additives such as fragrances.
    As well as fingertips, can be used in a multitude of ways.

How to use

    1. With the back of your hand facing up, roll the bottle tip over the base of your nails, giving them one or two coats of oil.

    2. Rub the nails of both hands against each other, to uniformly distribute the oil over all your fingers.

    3. Apply nail oil to each finger, and stretch from the base of each finger toward the tip. Warm your fingers to the very tips, while enjoying the delightful fragrance.


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※The effect and efficacy vary depending on each person.
※Please do not use this if you develop skin conditions or if you have skin abnormalities, and follow the instruction from the dermatologist.